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Letterpress printing

Letterpress printing indicates a technique of printing using a printing press. The type of printing plate is letterpress and printed by applying the ink onto the protruding surface. The characteristic of letterpress printing is no doubt the finished result. It enables embossed printing by bringing the letterpress into direct contact with the printed product. Therefore it provides a luxurious feeling which you cannot find in offset printing. You can create a special printed product that is differentiated from other products.
※Specific examples: business cards, postcards, invitation cards, direct mail, etc.

Offset printing

Offset printing is the current mainstream printing method. The process of producing a printing plate is the same as letterpress printing, but it does not create an embossed finish since the plate does not contact the paper. However, the finished result is close to an expected image as the plate is flat. Also, because it uses mainstream machinery and evolving quickly, offset printing enables printing at reasonable cost when printing in large quantities.
※Brochures, leaflets, package printing etc.

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